You are interested in donating and supporting me?

Well, that is really great. If you want to know, for what I use your money, just go one question further.


What do I do with your money?

I will use it for different things. If you hear my songs or if you already have heard me live, you know I'm not the best singer. And I want to improve my singing, because I think I can do it much more better if I use the right techniques. This means I want to take lessons with a vocal coach again.

And in Switzerland they aren't really cheap and as a student, I'm not really able to afford this money on my own. This is one use.

Then will I buy new stuff for recording, so my quality will improve. But I won't only invest into hardware, I also invest into software and into a lot of tutorials, so I can expand my knowledge. 


Everything in short:

- improve my singing

- Software (plugins)

- Hardware

What amount can you spend?

You are totally free. You may spend as much as you wish. If you want to know how much I approximatly pay for a vocal coach or for my equipment, just write me a message.

How you can donate :)

There are two ways. The first one is with PayPal. For this you can use the button down below. 

And if you do not have PayPal feel free to message me, so we can find an other way.