Choreography of the Dead

Well Guys. Some really experienced man was really good and deleted our homepage. While we will return everything to its old manners, we just use the one of our singer :)


So you will see all the important things over here for the moment. 


Wanna check us out?

For everyone who is here to check us out. Just a quick overview. We are a punkrock band, with a bit of metal and pop in it. Founded in 2015 in Switzerland, we start exploring the stages bit by bit. And we sound like this.

Next Concerts


There are no concerts in close future. If you'd like to make a booking, feel free to message us. 

Who are we?

I'm Finn. I am the singer of this band

I'm Marius. I am the guitarist of COTD.

I'm Janik. I am the bass player over here

I am Dome. I am the drummer.

Contact and social media

Youtube: Choreography of the Dead

Instagram: official-cotd