Who am I

Who am I?

Well, I am a Sing- and Songwriter from Switzerland. Right now, I am 21 years old and I am a nurse in a psychiatry. I'm going to study psychology next year :)

I play music since I am a little child. I've started with playing recorder and xylophone. Then I played the trombone but I gave up on this after 7 years, because I didn't like it anymore. Now I play the guitar for 7 years and I love singing.

I play in a punkrockband too. We are called Choreography of the Dead. In this band, I am the leadsinger and I play the guitar. 

I want to tell you some more about my lyrics. If I write lyrics for my band, it is important to me that they contain a statement. I'm against racism and I believe that dreaming is one of the most wonderful things in life. In this project, the lyrics do not have the same depth. Here I write about everything. Many songs are about love. And I imagine that it is sometimes a desire to me to feel love more often. It's probably something what I think is missing in my life. I'm singing about my faith too. I'm a christian and I sometimes express my feelings about my religious thinking in my music. 

While music is a really important part of my life, I also enjoy doing other things. As you already have read, I am a christian and so I'm a leader in a youth group as well. Normally, it doesn't matter what goes on in my life I always go to this group because they are like a family to me. I also love riding my motorcycle. I own a Ducati Monster 620 but I will change, because I wand a racebike like a Ducati Panigale or a Yamaha R1.